The Revenge Of The Mummy
3x04 Revenge of the Mummy

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The Pitz Hotel

The Revenge Of The Mummy is the fourth episode of the show's third series. This episode was broadcast for the first time on the 24th of September 2004.


Molly’s homework on the Ancient Egyptians leads to the discovery of a burial chamber under the flat. Basil and the gang are keen to raid the tomb and get their hands on the famous jewel that once belonged to King Tutenbek. But are they wise to ignore the jewel’s curse?


  • Again the list is all over the place. CBBC says this is episode 2, yet on the wiki this is episode 4.
  • The line 'You're only supposed to blow the blooming door off!' is a quote from the movie Get Carter from 1971. The original line used bloody instead of blooming.

Watch the episode below!

The Basil Brush Show 3x02 Revenge of the Mummy

The Basil Brush Show 3x02 Revenge of the Mummy