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The Basil Brush Show is a popular CBBC comedy Television series which an for 78 episodes over six series from the 4th of October 2002 - the 30th of November 2007.


The programme is a remake of the old series and is set in the present. Stephen, a new comic foil for Basil played by Christopher Pizzey, was introduced for the first four seasons. Georgina Leonidas, Michael Hayes, and Ajay Chhabra also appeared on the show. No cast member is directly credited as playing Basil, although Michael Windsor is credited as Basil's fitness instructor or his personal assistant. After the fourth season, Stephen was replaced by Liam, played by Michael Byers

Basil and Stephen live in an apartment owned by Stephen. Stephen is an unemployed actor, and the cast often make jokes about this. Other characters include Dave, a young entrepreneur, and Anil, who owns a café. A recurring feature of the series involves Basil and the cast breaking the fourth wall.


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The Basil brush show is one of the longest running television series which have appeared on Children's BBC, also known as CBBC. The series ran for a total of 78 episodes over six series from the 4th of October 2002 - the 30th of November 2007.

Main Characters:

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Main Locations

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