Ajay ChabraAll Scream For Ice-CreamAmanda
AnilAnil's CaféAnil the Sidekick
Apartment buildingBack to SchoolBallroom Basil
Basil's AngelsBasil's Angels 2 Fox on the RunBasil's Brush With Fame
Basil's Christmas DinnersBasil's Christmas TurkeyBasil's Extravaganza
Basil's MillionsBasil: The MovieBasil Brush
Basil Brush WikiBasil HoodBasil The Casualty
Bend It Like BasilBig BotherBilly Jo
Bing TroubleBingo BrushBrush To The Future
Bungo BrushBungo brushCBBC
CakesCampingChristopher Pizzey
Cousin MortimerCousin Mortimer (Episode)Da Basil Code
DaveDave's ApprenticeDave's First Girl Friend
Dave SwapDoggoneitDouble Trouble Part 1
Double Trouble Part 2EllaElla's Flat
Ella (Episode)Episode guideFit for Nothing
Fox RocksFox in SpaceFoxweight Champion
Frocks RocksGeorgina LeonidasGoing for Broke
Haunted HouseHolding The BabyI'm A Celebrity... Let Me Back In The Kitchen
It's a KnockoutIt's a Wonderful BrushKiss And Tell
Laura EvansLiamLiam & Lucy (Episode)
LucyMadisonMadison's Flat
Manic OrganicMean GenieMeeja Mogul
Michael ByersMichael HayesMolly
Molly ChristmasMolly in LoveMouse
Mr RossiterPop FoxProject Anil
Quiz NightRoxySanta Brush
Soap A DopeSports DayStephen
Stephen's FlatSurprise PartySydney Rae White
Taste The Blood of BrushculaThanks A MillionThat Shrinking Feeling
The Basil Brush ShowThe BullyThe Candidate
The Charming ManThe DateThe Fake's Progress
The FarmThe IncapablesThe Job
The LiftThe Mad Man of MurrimbidgeeThe Pitz Hotel
The Return Of Cousin MortimerThe Revenge Of The MummyThe Statley Home
The Stupid Christmas, I Mean Halloween EpisodeThe Sweet Smell of SuccessThe Voice Over Man
There's No Business Like Snow BusinessToothaceUncle Max-a-million.
Wedded BlitzWindbreaker
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File:1x08 Mean Genie.jpgFile:2x02 Surprise Party.jpgFile:2x06 Bend it like Basil.jpg
File:2x10 Taste the Blood of Brushcula.jpgFile:3x01 Frocks Rocks.jpgFile:3x02 Basil's Millions.jpg
File:3x03 Camping.jpgFile:3x04 Revenge of the Mummy.jpgFile:3x05 The Pitz Hotel.jpg
File:3x06 Holding the Baby.jpgFile:800px-PRJF.jpgFile:ANIL FROM BASIL BRUSH
File:ANIL FROM BASIL BRUSH DANCESFile:Ajay Chabra.jpgFile:Amanda.jpg
File:Anil's Café.jpgFile:Anil.jpgFile:Anil & Basil.jpg
File:Apartment building.jpgFile:BasilBrushTitles.jpegFile:Basil & Liam.jpg
File:Basil Brush Crazy Christmas.jpgFile:Basil and Maddison.jpgFile:Basil and his Teddy.jpg
File:Bat Basil.jpgFile:Billy Jo.jpgFile:Bingo Brush.jpg
File:CBBC.jpgFile:Channel cbbc-1-.jpgFile:Channel cbbc.png
File:Christopher Pizzey.jpgFile:Citv-logo-1-.gifFile:Citv-logo.png
File:Cousin Mortimer.jpgFile:Dave's First Girl Friend.jpgFile:Dave & Anil.jpg
File:Download (6).jpgFile:Ellac.jpgFile:Ellaep.jpg
File:Example.jpgFile:Feature.pngFile:File The Basil Brush Show 1x04 The Bully
File:Forum new.gifFile:Georgina Leonidas.jpgFile:Haunted House.jpg
File:King Anil.jpgFile:Landlord.jpgFile:Laura Evans.jpg
File:Liam's first scene.jpgFile:Liam, Basil and Molly.jpgFile:Liam.jpg
File:Liam Irish Dancing.jpgFile:Lucy's debut.jpgFile:Madison, Molly & Lucy.jpg
File:Madison & Dave.jpgFile:Michael Hayes.jpgFile:PortalAnil.jpg
File:PortalStephen.jpgFile:Sample.jpgFile:Screen shot 2011-10-17 at 21.21.44.png
File:Screenshot 2015-11-08 at 10.00.48 - Edited.pngFile:Showimage.JPGFile:Stephen.jpg
File:Stonehenge.jpgFile:Sydney Rae White .jpgFile:The Basil Brush Show 1x01 The Date
File:The Basil Brush Show 1x02 MouseFile:The Basil Brush Show 1x03 The Statley HomeFile:The Basil Brush Show 1x05 Cakes
File:The Basil Brush Show 1x06 The Fake's ProgressFile:The Basil Brush Show 2x01 EllaFile:The Basil Brush Show 2x01 Mouse
File:The Basil Brush Show 2x02 Surprise Party (Higher Quality)File:The Basil Brush Show 2x06 Bend It Like BasilFile:The Basil Brush Show 2x10 Taste The Blood Of Brushcula
File:The Basil Brush Show 3x01 Frocks RocksFile:The Basil Brush Show 3x01 The Statley HomeFile:The Basil Brush Show 3x02 Basil's Millions
File:The Basil Brush Show 3x03 CampingFile:The Basil Brush Show 3x04 Revenge Of The MummyFile:The Basil Brush Show 3x05 The Pitz Hotel
File:The Basil Brush Show 3x06 Holding The BabyFile:The Basil Brush Show 3x07 Wedded BlitzFile:The Basil Brush Show 3x08 The Candidate
File:The Basil Brush Show 3x09 Sports DayFile:The Basil Brush Show 3x10 Pop FoxFile:The Basil Brush Show 3x11 Foxweight Champion
File:The Basil Brush Show 3x12 DoggoneitFile:The Basil Brush Show 4x01 Fox In SpaceFile:The Basil Brush Show 4x01 The Bully
File:The Basil Brush Show 4x02 Thanks A MillionFile:The Basil Brush Show 4x03 Manic OrganicFile:The Basil Brush Show 4x04 Basil's Angels
File:The Basil Brush Show 4x06 Basil The MovieFile:The Basil Brush Show 4x08 Double Trouble part 2File:The Basil Brush Show 4x10 Basil's Brush With Fame
File:The Basil Brush Show 4x11 The IncapablesFile:The Basil Brush Show 4x13 Santa BrushFile:The Basil Brush Show 5x01 Cakes
File:The Basil Brush Show 5x01 Cakes-0File:The Basil Brush Show 5x01 Liam & LucyFile:The Basil Brush Show 5x02 Fox Rocks
File:The Basil Brush Show 5x03 ToothacheFile:The Basil Brush Show 5x04 Brush To The FutureFile:The Basil Brush Show 5x05 Kiss and Tell
File:The Basil Brush Show 5x06 Haunted HouseFile:The Basil Brush Show 5x07 Back To SchoolFile:The Basil Brush Show 5x08 Basil the Casualty
File:The Basil Brush Show 5x09 Dave's First GirlfriendFile:The Basil Brush Show 5x10 The Sweet Smell Of SuccessFile:The Basil Brush Show 5x12 Basil's Extravaganza
File:The Basil Brush Show 5x13 There's No Business Like Snow BusinessFile:The Basil Brush Show 6x02 Basil's Angels 2 Fox On The RunFile:The Basil Brush Show 6x07 Da Basil Code
File:The Basil Brush Show 6x12 Basil HoodFile:The Basil Brush Show 6x13 Christmas DinnersFile:The voice over man
File:Wiki.pngFile:Wiki wide.pngFile:Yvonne.jpg

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