Liam & Lucy
Series 05, Episode 01
Air Date September 29, 2006
Previous The Incapables
Next Fox Rocks

Liam & Lucy is the first episode of The Basil Brush Show's fifth series which aired for the first time on September 29, 2006.


Liam's first scene

Liam's first scene

Children's comedy series featuring the irrepressible Basil Brush and friends. The hunt is on for Basil's new sidekick, but who is the new girl in Anil's cafe?

When Stephen left Basil the search for a new sidekick began. While at Anil's Café getting the advert put up Basil discovered that Anil's food was actually good and made him a king.
King Anil

King. Anil

It had turned out that Lucy had made all the food as Anil was treating her like his slave and Madison got Basil take her in.



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