Frocks Rocks
3x01 Frocks Rocks

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29th September 2004

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Basil's Christmas Turkey

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The Revenge Of The Mummy

Frocks Rocks is the first episode of the show's third series. This episode was broadcast for the first time on the 29th of September 2004.


Madison, an American fashion student, has moved in upstairs so Steven offers to help her move in. This results in Basil throwing away all of her collection. Now Basil, Molly, Dave and Steven must help her make a brand new collection on a tight budget.


  • First appearance of Madison.
  • Formally on the wikipedia page, it said the next episode is Basil's Millions. Thanks to the Genome project it is now confirmed that the CBBC website was indeed correct and the next episode is Revenge Of The Mummy.

Watch the episode below!

The Basil Brush Show 3x01 Frocks Rocks

The Basil Brush Show 3x01 Frocks Rocks