Cousin Mortimer
Cousin Mortimer

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20th December 2002

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Cousin Mortimer is the thirteenth episode of the show's first series. This episode was broadcast for the first time on the 20th of December 2002.


The arrival of Basil's Cousin Mortimer shatters the happy harmony of the flat. Everyone thinks he is cool and funny with his very own catch-phrase, but no-one listens to Basil when he tries to tell them the truth about his cousin. Sidelined, Basil leaves ? will the flat-mates see the error of their ways or has Cousin Mortimer replaced Basil forever?


This marks the first appearance of Mortimer.

This also marks the last appearance of Amanda.

Watch the episode below!

The Basil Brush Show 1x13 Cousin Mortimer (Incomplete)

The Basil Brush Show 1x13 Cousin Mortimer (Incomplete)